Preschool Handprint Corsages

Handprint Corsages

Throughout the year, as we create projects with our children’s handprints, we make an extra set of prints to use for a handprint corsage for our Muffins for Mom’s event.

We use handprints as an opportunity to explore color mixing. If one hand is painted yellow and another is painted blue and we rub our hands together, what color will it make? They are always so excited to see the new color they mixed.

In the spring, we experiment with colors and color mixing as we create “butterfly wings”.  We use our fine motor skills (pincher grip) to drop eyedroppers full of watercolors onto  3.25 size coffee filters. If we let all the colors bleed into each other, what color do we end up with? (Brown!) If we don’t want brown, we have to be careful as we drop the colors.

We have the children create two coffee filters – one to use for butterfly wings for our butterfly project and one to save for the corsage.

Now it’s May and time to assemble our corsages for our moms. . .

Supply List:

  • 7-8 handprints cut around outline and fingers
  • Painted coffee filter
  • Green chenille
  • Tape
  • Pencil

Handprint Corsage Supplies


Poke a hole through the coffee filter with the tip of a pencil.

Handprint Corsage Filter

Arrange the handprints overlapping in one direction and tape at the base of the handprints to hold together. Lay the handprints over the coffee filter.

Handprint Corsage Tape Together

Make a loop at one edge of the chenille, then thread the chenille through the filter and the hole of the handprints. Gently grasp the handprints to nudge the prints around the base of the coffee filter.  Tape the handprints into place. Hint: You might need a lot of tape.

To define the shape of the petals, use your thumb and a pencil to curve the paper.

Handprint Corsage Petals

Upon greeting Mom, wrap the green chenille around her wrist to hold the handprint corsage in place.

Happy creating!



Did you try this project?

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