Make Your Easter Table Special With This Easy Floating Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece

Easter is almost here! Are you hosting an Easter meal? Are you concerned about a centerpiece for your table? Here’s an easy Easter centerpiece that will make your guests think you are genius!


  • Mug or tea cup
  • Saucer or small plate
  • Fork
  • Moss
  • Figurine
  • Assorted flowers
  • Glue gun

Whenever I come up with some idea for a project, I always scout out thrift stores. Since I volunteer as a cashier for the Dorcas Shop in Cary, NC, that is always my first stop.  I found a beautiful cup ($.25), plate ($.50), fork ($.25), bunny figurine ($.50) and a scarf ($1.00) I thought would be fantastic for this project.

Next, I made a trip to my local craft store to find some flowers to add to my design. So far, I have a color pallet of white, yellow and green so I knew I wanted to add some flowers which would compliment and contrast this pallet.

After assembling all the supplies, it’s time to start creating!

The first step is to bend the fork so the tongs sit on the plate and the handle fits against the cup at the desired angle.

Add a large quantity of hot glue to the center of the plate and position the fork into the hot glue. Hold the fork until the glue starts to set. After the glue sets, cover the fork with more glue to secure.

Add a large quantity of hot glue to the center of the cup and position the handle of the fork. Hold the cup against the fork until the glue sets. Add more glue to secure the fork to the cup.

Now, the fun begins! Hot glue the moss to the cup, down along the fork and onto the plate. This is now the base of your arrangement. Arrange the figurines and flowers until you have an arrangement you’re happy with. Use hot glue to adhere the figurines and flowers in place.

I used my scarf and came up with this:

Then, I recreated the arrangement with moss and this is how it turned out:

Which do you like better?

Happy creating!



Did you try this project?

Let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #wistfullywarped.



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